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From the last ice age one fish survived in Icy water and become the strongest and the most delicious fish of all ‘Arctic Charr’.

Noras have develop a recirculation aquaculture system (RAS) system to grow these fish in a sustainable and environment friendly way to deliver the finest quality, never frozen, fresh fish to our table.

Artic Char is the Cardinal of all salmonid fish. It hardly grow from Icy waters almost freezing to summer temperature in north then returns to rivers for spawning.

Like to be crowdy/schooling, have no known illness, have less fat than other salmonid fish, so the flesh is firmly and delicious.
Thanks to their evolutional advantages they grow well in high densities. Strong immunity unprecedented for other fish. Low fat content makes the flesh firm and delicious.

Noras Artic Char is perfect to top gourmet restaurant market as a graved, smoked or tartar as starter. Low fat content makes it ideal choice for sashimi and sushi. Can be braced with skin on filet or hole smaller size fish. For the retail market could be offered filleted, whole HOG, or small size HOG plate portion.

A perfect choice for a delicious meal.